Locating Current Addresses for Missing Participants

Welcome to the Berwyn Group Search Service.

The Berwyn Group's AddressCheckSM, the industry leader in new address determination (locator services) for pension fund and 401(k) administrators, insurance companies, banks, unions, public and municipal employee retirement systems, state teachers┬┤ retirement systems, investment firms, credit card companies, epidemiology departments and organizations that have a financial interest in knowing the mortality or current addresses of their pensioners, policyholders, beneficiaries, members, account holders, etc.

The Berwyn Group's AddressCheckSM On-Line Locator service is designed to assist companies in quickly locating terminated, deferred, vested employees and find current addresses for "returned mail", beneficiaries etc. This service eliminates wait time when you have a few addresses that you might want to locate. This site also provides a set of facilities and resources which protects data and confidential resources. To utilize these resources you are required to login to a secure session.

The Berwyn Group stands behind its performance. The AddressCheckSM Locator service has a 95% or above chance of locating a viable address for missing individuals because of its multiple source data sets that includes hundreds of millions of records and an innovative software solution. And, if a viable address associated with the individual cannot be found there is no charge for the search made for the individual.

The use of this site is governed by terms and conditions which are part of your customer agreement. Please review these terms and conditions before utilizing the service offered in this site. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of those terms when you submit a Registration Request.

Getting started is easy.

  • Complete Registration and receive a unique user id and password by email.
  • Log on to the search portal.
  • Identify your permissible use.
  • Complete form for search and click on send.
  • Your results will be returned to you.

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Have numerous addresses?

For situations when you have numerous addresses to locate, you can continue to use the Berwyn Group's secure web portal to send us your data and the results will be returned to you in the format you want. If you are not a Berwyn Group AddressCheckSM or DeathCheckSM customer already, please call (800) 215-7616 for information regarding our services for larger data sets.

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